We Are NUCLE.AI, Discovering Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Crowd Intelligence

What is NUCLE.AI?

NUCLE.AI is a revolutionary network that leverages core blockchain principles, crowdsourced machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence to learn and extrapolate insights from vast sources of medical and biological data.

Although the exponential increase in interest for the biotech industry has dramatically increased the amount of medical, genomic, and demographic data available, quality analysis is still difficult due to privacy concerns, limitations in computational power, and widespread usage of outdated methods.

In the adjacent data ecosystem diagram, data analysts, node operators, and token holders interact cooperatively to create a dynamic and healthy NUCLE.AI ecosystem.

How does NUCLE.AI work?

1. Collect: Encrypt & Secure

NUCLE.AI collects data pertaining to medical denominations such as genetic sequences and biometric information. NUCLE.AI’s network encrypts patient and company data using mathematical tools to ensure complete data privacy, protection, and compliance.

2. Crowdsource: Analyze & Optimize

NUCLE.AI harnesses crowdsourced computing through fair and decentralized competition amongst computational powerhouses. While leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, NUCLE.AI identifies the most powerful and most insightful models.

3. Visualize: Report & Exchange

NUCLE.AI's system redirects the computational powers necessary to secure blockchain networks into generating robust analysis and gaining actionable insights. Resulting analyses are sold to institutions and individuals in need of cutting-edge analysis--such as scientists, hospitals, and biotech companies.

Solutions I

NUCLE.AI’s Proof of Intelligent Work (PIW) directs computing resources towards model training and validation, thus allowing for decentralized model design and consensus agreement on model optimality. Blockchain also serves as a natural, egalitarian platform on which data scientists from all over the globe participate and provide novel ideas upon.

Solutions II

NUCLE.AI pools together data, encrypts them, and then crowdsources thousands of data analysts to create models on the encrypted data to ultimately yield useful, actionable insights into various problems.

Solutions III

Some example applications in the medical and healthcare space that can be improved on the NUCLE.AI network:

Cancer Research: Discover key mechanisms in proteomics for gene targeted therapies
Advertising: Use genomic information to develop target-based advertisements
Insurance: Help insurance companies determine premiums for particular at risk individuals

Distinguishing Factors

Crowd Intelligence

Our network leverages data scientists worldwide to obtain novel insights. Fair and decentralized competition is encouraged to induce insightful models.


There is a broad spectrum of problems that our network can solve using AI/ML. NUCLE.AI applications range from medical research, drug discovery to ailment prognoses.


Huge demand exists for AI/ML analysis in healthcare & pharmaceuticals. NUCLE.AI aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by bridging the gap between data availability and quality of analysis.


Weekly bounties incentivize data analysts to compete & submit their best models. Using artificial intelligence, NUCLE.AI identifies the most powerful and insightful models.


The NUCLE.AI network aims to pioneer the blockchain space by having network verifiers direct computing power to training node-unique machine learning models. The nodes that produce the best models for extrapolating from the provided data reap the reward of their computational work. We denote this process the Proof of Intelligent Work (PIW).


NUCLE.AI has a profitable & sustainable model regardless of market performance. We are creating a competitive marketplace for ML/AI experts to monetize their skills, providing a service to collect data and aggregate the analyzed results to sell to interested parties, and creating a market for companies to bid and request analyses or datasets for processing.


Q2 2018
Data engineering and Feature Extraction Pipeline
Q3 2018
Alpha mainnet refinement
Secure partnerships for data and contracts
Begin crowdsourcing data scientists
Patient enrollment
Release Data Dashboard
Open problems and experiments to select partners
Q4 2018
Deploy closed Beta mainnet
Deliver first set of analyses to select partners
Q1 2019
Deploy NUCLE.AI Data marketplace
Deliver tertiary sets of analyses to companies
Q2 2019
Advertise first round of performance and analyses gained
Recruit additional corporate partners