Business Revenue Model
NCI Tokens / Introduction

The primary business model for the NUCLE.AI platform is via selling statistical analysis produced from highly-trained machine learning and AI models developed on the NUCLE.AI blockchain network.

Then, interested parties must purchase these analyses using NUCLE.AI network (NCI) tokens, which can be purchased on exchanges. This provides an opportunity for token holders to exchange NCI for fiat.

Obtaining NCI Tokens

Individuals may obtain NCI tokens by one of three ways:

Upload Their Own Data

Each individual whose data points were accessed in the training of a particular model will receive a fraction of the tokens earned when selling the resulting analyses of that model.

Submit Winning Models

By training and submitting winning models, data analysts and node operators will be able to receive the block reward generated from a collection of confirmed network transaction fees.

Recieve Dividends

Receiving NCI dividends by holding NCI tokens, with payout proportional to NCI token amount.

Market Stucture

The NUCLE.AI market functions off the interactions between data, models, and tokens. The marketplace model has been carefully arranged so that there will be a consistent, reliable supply and circulation of NCI.


As is usual in many blockchain systems, the NCI tokens offered as transaction fees (gas) are collected by the block-winning node operator as rewards. While such gas-based reallocation of tokens is the primary source of tokens for the node operators, when the network is in demand for more node operators for enhancing network security and model production quality, additional NCI tokens are supplied as extra mining rewards to incentivize NUCLE.AI network participation. The node operators then act as the supply of the NCI tokens upon participating in NCI token markets.

In addition to the token supply provided from the winning node operators, individuals, groups, and institutions who have exchanged their medical and biological data for NCI tokens act as suppliers within the NCI token ecosystem.


The NUCLE.AI marketplace will govern the exchange and flow of three key components: data, tokens, and models. We are creating a competitive marketplace for ML/AI experts to monetize their skills, providing a service to collect data and aggregate the analyzed results to sell to interested parties, and creating a market for companies to bid and request analyses or datasets for processing.

Expected demand from organizations and corporations such as hospitals, research groups, consulting firms, and insurance companies seeking to purchase the analysis generated by the competing AI/ML models will drive the purchase and circulation of our token. Once each competitive cycle selects a winner, the winning model used in the competition is then privately used by NUCLE.AI to generate true predictions and analyses. This post-processed biometric data analysis can be purchased with NCI tokens only.